Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well here is a little bit of everything I finished a second hat for my friend Barbara . That's is it for her order. Along with our new baby hoodie but found out Friday eve. that we will welcome a new great grandson in January. The colour will have to go. Also a new pattern for fingerless gloves made for Leslie at Canadian Comfort Alpacas. Hope you enjoy all the goodies. Busy working on a sweater now for Leslie to match her gloves . & having lots of fun counting & measuring to make all perfect. Also am working on a little outfit with purple violets but no good for a boy child either. So back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Efforts Finally Finished

Well have come to finish some orders for a friend . Boy it did take all summer with this heat to complete them . The fingerless gloves different patterns 5 pair of them were all done in black as
requested so the lovely patte
rns will not show. So later will do them all again in shades that will show off the designers hard work.
The ladies hats are done
two of them. I am afraid that one might be a bit bright so am working on another at the moment to suffice . I do hope that the recipients of the gifts will enjoy as well.
This was done between 26 jars of strawberry ja
m, 6 raspberry jam & 6 peach jam. Still have
one more batch of raspberry to do. So a bit of re
laxing today arm is still sore where growth was cut out but coming along very well. Told not to sit in sun & suck it up so willingly. On to more shaded areas of the back deck.