Sunday, May 8, 2011


We are to be doing the odd days at the Welland Saturday Market. Here are a few things that hubby has contributed. Lots of hard work but fun. Hope you enjoy. One Winnie Pooh Carouselel and one horse carousel Lots of fun hauling logs to the mill and when tired can dump load & look for more.


Well here is two pair of thrum socks that were delivered already to Leslie. Delivered two weeks ago. Also a set of 3 pair of baby socks sold that never got into the shop. and to top off another pair of adult socks .
So back to square one once again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well here are a few newbies to take away the blues of winter. Thinking my life is quite boring and then realizing what I am able to do while watching the disasters in Japan , China, and other countries ,I am glad I live where I am . My candle is lit and my prayers go out often to all in need.
Here Leslie is for you a nice pair of purple thrum socks and a pair of green fingerless gloves. Oh ! by the way that is the last of your forest green shade. Also the purple was 2 skeins left from your original shade when I first started knitting for you. For me a nice pair of grey thrum slippers for my shop on Etsy also a new pair of socks for me from bamboo. The wool is slippery to work with but nice and soft for the feet.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well here we are with March coming in as a lion maybe it will leave like a lamb. It is time to get out and about once again.
First I have a KAL for a group called Sexy Knitter. The pattern is lovely and I seemed to have just the right colours to knit. Then on to my shop as I am slowly trying to get things sorted . The Mitts and slippers of course are my fleece washed and carded for the thrums. Last but not least is a new token for Leslie. A lovely lacy wrap and I do think she will enjoy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Here are a few more goodies to share. Winter is here and I sit on my butt longer and get more knitting done. First a new pattern for a warm hat from Lion Brand Wools made for my youngest daughter. I was lucky to design the buttons to match the wool perfect. She hasn't seen it yet but will receive delivery of it on Thursday. Second is a pair of thrum slippers for my shop. They are always a favourite and I am trying to get a stash done for the shop. Thirdly a lovely pair of socks done for myself in wandering cats hand dyed wool. The picture is dark but the colour is a lovely purple with a black slash through it. The wool is so soft and lovely to work with. So that is it for now. Working on some more surprises and KAL's.

New For Me.

Well here are some goodies I did for me. My only problem is two articles were too large for me. First of all I did two pair of stripe socks in a new yarn and they are lovely . Only problem I sold first pair before I had a chance to take a picture , so you only see one till I get new supply of yarn. Then you see my Kal socks that I did for Wandering Cat Yarns group . They turned out too wide for me so I am putting them in my shop for sale.Also did a lovely hat for me also too large so into the shop as well .
The website for my shop is if you would like to browse. It is just plain right now but I hope I can slowly fill with all kinds of goodies.

Leslie's Stash

Good Day . These are just a few things to add to Comfort's Alpacas. Have a lovely pair of thrum socks topped off with green thrums. They are a little heavier than average but will make all warm and toastie. Second she shall reap a second pair of clog socks also done in a heavier weight for the open shoe. Thirdly but not last is a forest green shawl and actually I am proud of it as it was my first to knit. There will be more goodies to come your way soon Leslie. Hope you are making it alright down on the farm with all this snow.